Instruction Manual

Water and air ozonator&ionizer with timer and remote control

Model number GL-2186

Working principle

The discharging process in thundering generates ozone and negative ion. This model make use of the principle and takes air as the resource to create ozone and negative ion in a high frequency and high-pressure discharging circumstance.

Negative ion function

  1. Negative ion can adsorb the positive particles in the air, strongly kill becteria and mildew, remove smoke, fusty smell and poisonous odor from the newly decorated materials. Effectively decrease the stuff which may cause hypersuceptible asthma.
  2. Negative ion can clean and fresh the indoor air, no secondary pollu-tion… promote the body,s metabolism, reduce the respirometic, enhance the resistivity and immunity.

Ozone functions

  1. Ozone can improve the indoor air quality, kill bacteria, remove peculiar smell. It can also to be use as deodorization in fridge, chest.
  2. Water dissolved with ozone can be used to wash face and bath, clean dishes, food and vegetables. It can help extend the fresh time.

Operation manuals

Microcomputer control, manual or remote control available.

Multifunctional sterilizer
Model no: Gl-2186
Rated voltage: AC220-240V/50-60Hz AC100-120V/60Hz
Rated voltage: 15W
Ozone output: 200mg/h 400mg/h 600mg/h
Working time: 10′, 20′, 30′, 45′, 60′,
Dimension: 340x245x75mm
Net weight: 1.80kg

Components and parts name



  1. Connect work the power and turn on power button, the power indication light turns on and negative ion starts to work at the same time. The ozone defaulted to be timing for 10 minutes when the automatically checking is finished.
  2. Press negative ion button, the indicator light turns on. The unit starts releasing negative ion.
  3. Press ozone timer button, the setting is 10 minutes, each press will increase 10 minutes, till 60 minutes, additional press will turn off the ozone function.
  4. Connect the air tube to the ozone outlet connector, then put the ozone outlet ball into the bottom of the container where you wish to sterilize. (When sterilize the air, no need to comment the air tube).
  5. When it is working, pressing the on/off button to turn on/off the unit.
  6. All above functions can be operated by remote control.

Family Life

Apply area Time Benefits of negative ion
Deodorizing in the room 20min Remove smoke dust particles, decompounds poisonous stuff, keep the air fresh.
Bathroom 10min Remove peculiar smell in bathroom, garage and basement
Pets and garbage 15min 1.Effectively deodorize the pet corner and sterilize.
2.Keep the mosquito, fly, black beetle and other insects away from the garbage box.
Chest for clothes and shoes 10min Sports shoes and leather shoes leather shoes often have strong smell and bacteria, sometimes epiphyte and mildew still exist. Negative ion and ozone can prevent this.
Newly decorated house 20-30min Decompounds poisonous gas such as formaldehyde released form the furniture and wall which may cost long time to fade off. Kick away the source.

Special Notes

Safety notes

  1. Disconnect the power when in maintenance or repairing.
  2. When used to sterilize water, the unit should be above water surface to avoid water flow into the machine.
  3. Please do not use it in high temperature environment (above 42’C) or places with high humidity or high oil content. These environments may reduce the effect or shorten the usage life.
  4. Never throw or cause any impact on the unit. Never block the air outlet to affect the air ventilation.
  5. Do not contact your eyes or aspiratory system with the air outlet to avoid uncomfortable feeling.
  6. When this unit is used in a non-ventilated room to sterilize the air, please leave the room for 30-40 minutes.

Trouble Shooting

Dear Customer:

When you meet the following problems, please try to solve as suggested below.

Defects Analysis Solutions
No air come out from the outlet ball Check air tube leakage or foiled

Check whether outlet ball is blocked

Smooth the tube or
change a new one

Change a new one

Air flows out but no ozone Ozone generator fails to work Contact the manufacturer or representative
Power indicator is off Wrongly plugged in Plug in again or exchange a new socket
Strange noise in use Too little water

Resonance with the Desk

Fill water. Ozone can be easier to resolve in water when water depth range 20cm to 40cm. It will have from better sterilizing effect.

Place to a stable desk

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